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Why All Millionaires Follow The 5 Hour Rule

A man has been trying to cut a tree for hours but couldn’t get the job done, so his neighbor comes in and says: “you know what! Why don’t you try to sharpen your saw first, You’re going to cut the tree much faster” The man replies – “sharpening the saw is going to take a lot of time. I am busy, i don’t have time! Can’t you see that!” This situation seems dumb, But the reality it, most of us are that dumb person with a dull saw.

We complain about our dark financial situation while we can’t even find an hour a week to read a book on personal financial and learn how to manage our money better.  It’s weird how people complain about their health, their inability to focus and struggle to fall asleep, while they don’t even set aside a few hours a week to exercise to keep their body and mind healthy. The guy who doesn’t exercise is no different from the guy who is trying to cut the tree with a dull saw and yet complains that he doesn’t have the time to sharpen it.

You know how it is. You graduate, find a decent job and never leave that comfort zone unless you are forced out, while successful people all embrace learning throughout their lives, and that’s why they are successful. Let’s find out how to keep your saw always sharp? Why do successful people follow the 5-hour rule? And what is the 5-hour rule in the first place?

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