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The Story of Microsoft – How a Computer Club Took Over The World

This video is a full business documentary on Microsoft, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen. It features a lot of archive footage of the early days at microsoft, a lot of old interviews with bill gates, as well as displaying old microsoft products.

One of my favorite things about making this video was actually going through old microsoft footage and finding the first windows operating system (windows 1.0), the first MS-Dos footage, Windows 95 footage and commercials, etc.

But ya, this was a pretty full-on business documentary…but because Microsoft is a trillion dollar company with a lot of history, I obviously couldn’t get into a lot of topics that i wanted to talk about.

For example, I wanted to talk about the relationship between Microsoft and Apple a lot more. I wanted to mention Steve Ballmer an Ric Weilands importance to the company. I wanted to talk about what happened to Kent Evans (he unfortunately passed away as a teenager). I wanted to talk about microsofts other investments and their future going ahead with Satya Nadella. I also wanted to dive into bill gates history and biography, but there was just no time for any of that. Most of these could be separate documentaries in themselves.

This video is about the lakeside computer club. And how a group of teenagers in seattle took over the computer industry, the operating system industry, and the internet browser industry. They also took a giant chunk out of other business fields as well like the gaming industry with xbox and mojang/minecraft, the movie industry with dreamworks, the travel industry with expedia, the social networking industry with linkedin, video calling with skype…etc.

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