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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia

Hei guys how is things going. In this video I will talk about how you can start a Affiliate marketing Business In Malaysia, which include where to apply for affiliate programme in Malaysia and also ways to promote your affiliate business.

Affiliate marketing products generally can be divided into 2 groups physical and digital products. Physical products will be like selling laptop, household products, t-shirt pretty much anything physical that a human being will use throughout their life. Next digital products, can be online courses, seminars, software and also ebook or audiobook.

Now, lets look at where we can find these affiliates products to sell?

Before we do that, I would just quickly list out the top 5 in my opinion the best niche to go after.

  1. Fitness and health
  2. Dating and relationship
  3. Investment and cryptocurrency
  4. Money making niche
  5. Software

So those are the top 5 niche that you can go with. OK now, lets start.

To get digital products, You can go to these below website:

  1. Clickbank the famous one
  2. Linkshare
  3. Commision junction

If you are looking at to promote local malaysia products or company You can go with involve asia and also accesstrade. Both invole asia and accesstrade is very identical. Is just that accesstrade is new in Malaysia they are originally from Japan.

Next, if you are looking at selling physical products, you can go for

  1. Shopee, lazda affiliate programme which you can apply through involve asia or accesstrade
  2. Amazon affiliate programme is a good one as well.

Now, how do I generate traffic to my affiliate products? I have tried multiple ways to generate organic traffic (free traffic ) to my affiliate products, I found below is the best way with my small amount of followers, new website and pretty much as a begginer.

  1. If you are promoting online course, blogging is the best. Write review about the courses that you are promoting and also do a comparison with others courses. For an example, my website is promoting life coaching courses from udemy and clickbank, recently I have uploaded about 10 new articles on it, hopefully can see some great result. In this website, all I talk about is life coaching and others similiar topic.
  2. If you are promoting software, like get response email marketing software, shopify just any software, create a couple of free course and upload it on udemy. By far this works on me. For example, this shopify course that I created year ago, where I create a free course about shopify, it still driving traffic to my affiliate link, but it is not as good as before, maybe I need to create a feel more.
  3. If you are promoting physical goods , youtube review and blogging will works for a begginer as well . I created a website solely on selling catfood products ,and I spent about 2k in building this website . This website is affiliated with shopee and lazada . The thing about applying affilaite programe with shopee and lazada with involve asia is that , shopee and lazada will pay involve asia a certain amount of adsvertising budget to run on involve asia. However , when the budget capped , whatever sales that make with your website or the link that you are promoting will not generate you any money . So , just be careful about this.

How fast can I see my first sales?

As a begginer myself , my first sales came in after 3 months of article posting on psychodemy where I sell online courses affiliated with udemy.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Works in 2020

Well , it does works for sure , but if compare with 10 years back , it is getting more challenging and to earn some money , you really have to work your ass off.

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